Investigation of situ gintung has stopped

07 Jan

Investigation of neglect estimation which cause the break out situ gintung reservoir has stopped upon the direct instruction of kapolda metro jaya.

After heading for two week, finally the special team made by polda metro jaya, has stopped the investigation which catch by break out of situ gintung which killed a hundred people around situ gintung.

The location of situ gintung reservoir who has broken down is in kecamatan cireundeu, south tangerang banten. When that incident happen at least two million cubic of water inside the reservoir spilled out and directly cleaned away a hundred houses with the things inside the house around that lacation. Among a hundred people are dead, more than twenty people are missing and hundred of houses are broken.

According to the information that has reseluced by media Indonesia from the investigation in polda metro jaya, the investigation of situ gintung has stopped in the middle of the way of investigation is upon the direct instruction of kapolda metro jaya, Irjen Wahyono, the reason is because the chie officer from polda metro jaya thought that the break out of situ gintung reservoir is definitely natural disaster and there’s nothing relevance with neglect substance.

The break out of situ gintung is purely government’s neglection which has been mistake in a groove a long the UU number 23 tahun 1977 about life environment managing, and UU number 7 tahun 2004 about water resources and also UU number 24 tahun 2007 about sluice gate of disaster.

Tahat reservoir is broken down because the endere building did not able to make the water that came among the reservoir out directly which came from bogor passed pesanggrahan kanal in about one and a half million water.

Catch by the stopping of investigation the director of walhi(Environment institute) in Jakarta Mr Slamet Daroyni said he really disappointed about the work of polda metro jaya that has been stop the investigation and if it is true, he explained that polda metro jaya must explain to the people the reason why that investigation has stopped.

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